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Böhm: Complete Harpsichord Works

Release date: 14 Aug 2015, OC132SET2


Simone Stella


Georg Bohm




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Georg Böhm: Prelude in F Major 2:36  
Prelude in F Major 02:36  
Georg Böhm: Capriccio in D Major 4:53  
Capriccio in D Major 04:53  
Georg Böhm: Menuet in G Major 1:32  
Menuet in G Major 01:32  
Georg Böhm: Prelude, Fugue & Postlude in G Minor 7:59  
Prelude 03:12  
Fugue 02:57  
Postlude 01:50  
Georg Böhm: Chaconne in G Major 3:55  
Chaconne in G Major 03:55  
Georg Böhm: Harpsichord Suite No. 1 in C Minor 7:22  
I. Allemande 02:10  
II. Courante 01:09  
III. Sarabande 02:34  
IV. Gigue 01:29  
Georg Böhm: Harpsichord Suite No. 2 in D Major 15:18  
I. Ouverture 04:48  
II. Air 01:30  
III. Rigaudon - Trio 02:27  
IV. Rondeau 02:00  
V. Menuet 01:04  
VI. Chaconne 03:29  
Georg Böhm: Harpsichord Suite No. 3 in D Minor 6:51  
I. Allemande 02:45  
II. Courante 01:33  
III. Sarabande 01:52  
IV. Gigue 00:41  
Georg Böhm: Harpsichord Suite No. 4 in D Minor 11:16  
I. Allemande 03:15  
II. Courante 02:00  
III. Sarabande 04:07  
IV. Gigue 01:54  

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