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Viktor Kosenko: Two Pieces Op. 4 8:37  
2 Pieces, Op. 4bis: No. 1. Dreams 04:14  
2 Pieces, Op. 4bis: No. 2. Impromptu 04:23  
Myroslav Skoryk: Hutsul Triptych (Arr. for Violin & Piano) 8:38  
I. Allegretto 04:36  
II. Dance 04:02  
Ivan Karabits: Muzyka 7:59  
Muzyka (Musician) 07:59  
Borys Lyatoshysnky: Violin Sonata, Op. 19 20:14  
I. Allegro impetuoso 08:26  
II. Tempo precedente 06:07  
III. Allegro molto risoluto 05:41  

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