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Verdi, Mendelssohn & Beethoven: Works for Orchestra (Live)

Release date: 03 Feb 2015, COP116


Di Wu, Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, Dirk Brossé


Ludwig van Beethoven, Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Giuseppe Verdi

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Giuseppe Verdi: La traviata 5:0   $
Prelude 05:00   $
Felix Mendelssohn: Piano Concerto No. 2 in D Minor, Op. 40, MWV O 11 24:11   $
I. Allegro appassionato 09:53   $
II. Adagio - Molto sostenuto 07:01   $
III. Finale: Presto scherzando 07:17   $
Dirk Brossé: Terra incognita 6:32   $
VI. To the unknown soldier 06:32   $
Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 6 in F Major, Op. 68 "Pastoral" 42:50   $
I. Awakening of Cheerful Feelings Upon Arrival in the Country: Allegro ma non troppo 11:36   $
II. Scene by the Brook: Andante molto mosso 11:37   $
III. Merry Gathering of Country Folk: Allegro 04:59   $
IV. Thunderstorm: Allegro 03:45   $
V. Shepherd's Song: Happy and Thankful Feelings after the Storm: Allegretto 10:53   $

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