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Handel: Joshua, HWV 64 (Live)

Release date: 18 Nov 2016, KuK253


Mark Le Brocq, Miriam Allan, David Allsopp, James Rutherford, Maulbronner Kammerchor, Hannoversche Hofkapelle, Jurgen Budday


George Frideric Handel





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George Frideric Handel: Joshua, HWV 64 1:38  
Introduction 01:38  
George Frideric Handel: Joshua, HWV 64, Act I 50:06  
Ye Sons of Israel (Chorus) 04:17  
Recitative: Behold, my friends (Joshua, Caleb) 01:11  
Aria: O first in wisdom (Caleb) 02:45  
Recitative: Matrons and virgins … (Achsah) 00:29  
Aria: Oh! Who can tell (Achsah) 05:15  
Recitative: Caleb, attend to all I now prescribe (Joshua) 00:48  
To long to posterity (Chorus, Joshua) 02:25  
Recitative: How long shall the memory last (Joshua) 00:59  
Aria: While Kedron's brook to Jordan's stream (Joshua) 04:44  
Recitative: But, who is he? (Othniel) 00:52  
Aria: Awful, pleasing being (Othniel) 00:52  
Recitative: Joshua, I come commission'd from on high (Angel, Joshua) 03:07  
Recitative: Leader of Israel (Angel) 00:40  
Recitative: To give command (Joshua) 01:17  
Aria: Haste, haste Israel (Joshua) 00:16  
The Lord commands (Chorus) 02:39  
Recitative: In these blest scenes (Othniel) 02:22  
Recitative: 'Tis I hear my name! (Othniel, Achsah) 03:10  
Aria: Hark! 'tis the linnet and the thrush (Achsah) 01:02  
Recitative: O Achsah, form'd for ev'ry chaste delight (Othniel) 05:55  
Duet: Our limpid streams with freedom flow (Achsah, Othniel) 00:57  
Recitative: The trumpet calls (Othniel) 03:23  
May all the host of heav'n (Chorus) 00:41  
George Frideric Handel: Joshua, HWV 64, Act II 44:14  
Recitative: 'Tis well six times the Lord hath been obey'd (Joshua) 00:29  
A solemn march 01:54  
Glory to God! (Chorus, Joshua) 05:45  
Recitative: The walls are levell'd (Caleb) 00:40  
Aria: See, the raging flames arise (Caleb) 03:25  
Aria: To vanity and earthly pride (Achsah) 04:21  
Recitative: Let all the seed of Abrah'm (Joshua) 00:26  
Aria: Almighty ruler of the skies (Joshua, Chorus) 02:33  

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