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Chopin à deux: The Piano Concertos on 2 Erard Grand Pianos

Release date: 06 Jan 2017, ZEF9649


Martin Oei, Daniël Wayenberg


Frédéric Chopin



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For the first time: the famous Chopin piano concertos, played and recorded on two authentic Erard grand piano’s. The master pianist Daniel Wayenberg, aged 87, normally prefers to perform on modern instruments. It is a small miracle the 20 year old Martin Oei managed to have him perform on original instruments from the era of Chopin. The transparent execution on two pianos elucidates new aspects of these well-known compositions. Close your eyes and imagine you are in Paris around 1830, when Chopin himself accompanied his most talented students when performing these concertos.

Chopin à deux: The Piano Concertos on 2 Erard Grand Pianos

Category Solo Instrumental

Period Romantic

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