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The Bye Bye Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Release date: 06 Jan 2017, G010003537297M


The Newton Brothers, Oliver Kraus, Taylor Stewart, Callaghan Belle, Andy Grush, Randy Cooke, F.A.M.E.S.


John Andrew Grush, Taylor Stewart, Callaghan Belle




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The Newton Brothers: The Bye Bye man 76:55  
Don't Think It Don't Say It 02:34  
Mr. Daisy's House 02:28  
In the Basement 01:22  
Snowfall 00:45  
Elliot & Sasha 00:57  
Two Coins 01:11  
Full Moon 00:38  
Seance 02:30  
On the Wall 00:27  
The Gloomsinger 02:12  
I Heard It 01:54  
You Went Away There for a Second 02:00  
Noise in the Basement 01:09  
The Library 01:19  
Who Did You Tell? 02:41  
Scratch Out the Name 01:10  
Losing Track of Time 02:51  
The Train 02:20  
He's Coming for Me 02:11  
Crime Scene 04:17  
Sasha's Not Feeling Well 01:36  
Interrogation 02:35  
I'm Having Strange Thoughts 03:26  
Putting the Pieces Together 02:28  
The Day My Life Went Turn, Turn, Turn 03:08  
Widow Redmon 03:05  
Car Crash 01:54  
Seeing Things 03:37  
Loved Ones 01:14  
The Bye Bye Man 01:09  
I'm Not Going to Let You Catch It 03:41  
Where is Alice 01:35  
I Can Save You 04:07  
Train Song (feat. Richard Patrick) 06:24  

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